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High Risk Supplied Air Trailers

DHW High Risk Supplied air trailers are fully outfitted to protect your companies’ employees.

Our High Risk Supplied Air Trailers are equipped with Redline Instruments giving us the ability to wirelessly monitor H2S from a safe distance on your job sites. We offer four channel to eight channel wireless systems to insure that you location is properly monitored.

Not only do our systems monitor H2S but the monitoring systems we deploy can also wirelessly detect LEL levels. In addition to that our systems have the ability to run AC or DC power which is charged by a solar panel that feeds into a deep cell battery bank.

All High Risk Supplied Air Trailers are outfitted with a green strobe light which is an indication that current levels of H2S or LEL are below the permissible exposure limit.

Once H2S or LEL has been detected atop of the trailer a Siren along with a red 48 and ultra‐white” LED light bar will flash and sound until limits are back in the permissible exposure range.

High Risk Supplied Air Trailers Standard Package are outfitted with:

Redline Instruments Four Channel Monitoring System

Four Wireless H2S Monitors With Solar Chargers

Six Bottle Class D Breathing Air Cascade System

Four Scott Supplied Air Work Packs with Five Minute Escape Bottle

Four Scott SCBA units

External Manifold

Four Scott Escape packs

BW Gas Alert Max XTII Multi Gas Meter

GasTech Sample Draw Tube

Variety of Sampling Tubes

Well Condition Sign with Color Coded Flags

Two Muster Area Signs

Two Sixteen Foot Windsocks

Three 20lbs Fire Extinguishers

Four Hundred Feet of Supplied Air Line Hose

Four Wireless Solar H2S Sensors (Standard)

First Aid Kit & Eye Wash

Refill line for SCBA Bottles, Work Pack Bottles and Escape Pack Bottles

Mobile Refill Breathing Air Trailer

Bauer Compressor

Diesel Powered Generator

Six Bottle Cascade System

Certified Grade D Breathing Air with Documentation for any Recharges

Twenty Four Hour Call Out Service Provided

Ability to Fill SCBA Bottles, Five Minute Escape Bottles, Low Pressure and High Pressure Cascade Bottle Systems