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Haul/Truck Services

We provide haul services for the oilfield and related fields, including material hauling (belly dumps or tandems: new locations, roads, contaminated soil) and heavy hauling (pole trucks or winch trucks: rig moving, equipment moving and production tank hauling.)

Heavy Haul Trucks

Heavy Haul Examples includes:

Production Equipment

Pumping Units

Compressor Skids

Knock-out drums




Rig Moving

Hot Shot Services

Hot Shot truck w/trailers for relocation of misc. equipment and materials.

Dump Trucks (Belly or Tandems)

We provide dump trucks to haul raw materials to on-site production facilities and locations.

Dump truck haul services examples include:

Pea gravel



Road Base

New material for locations and roads

Waste haulers permit for contaminated material disposal

Firewall material

Pumping unit foundations